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The heat exchange between fluids in the chemical and pharmaceutical pr 

The shell and tube is one of the technical solution most used to transfer heat


The shell and tube heat exchangers are used with success in the petrochemical and pharmaceutical plants in the large.

Gi heat exchanger tube bundle are constituted by an outer shell, which is in practice a large pressure tank, inside which is housed a bundle of tubes.

The heat exchange is realized because a fluid flows through the tubes while another fluid flows on the tubes through the shell: this determines the heat transfer between the two fluids.

The shell and tube heat exchangers:

-can be made with different types of tubes (smooth, finned) and these can be positioned in different ways;
-allow the use of both fluids in the gaseous state is in the liquid state;
-are made of materials with good thermal conductivity and resistance to the conditions of critical process (pressure, pH, temperature)

The shell and tube heat exchangers also allow energy savings because it uses the heat of a fluid that is to cool for heating another, without additional thermal energy input into the process.

To ensure high yields and long-lived productive lives, the shell and tube heat exchangers are constructed from thermally conductive, corrosion resistant and high quality as an alloy of copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, alloys of copper.

The shell and tube heat exchangers, as all the equipment for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry pressure, must be in compliance with PED and ISPESL.

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