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The fluidized bed dryers function 

Drying is a critical process in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.



Fluid bed dryers are used to obtain dry products facilities in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries in strictly controlled conditions.


The fluid bed dryers operate on the principle of drying by means of direct contact between a heated gas and the product to be dried, the process allows to obtain crystals, granules or powders.


Within the fluidized bed dryers drying action is carried out gentle but effective on some essential products for the continuation of the production cycle.

The fluid bed dryers, are present together with other machinery, within many types of plants in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food and are used for the production of chemicals,pharmaceuticals and biochemicals,polymers,dairy products.


Fluid bed dryers are suitable for drying of powders, granules, agglomerates and pellets of different sizes and particle size.


The design of fluid bed dryers must take into account the required flow rate and chemical and physical characteristics of the product.


Compared to other methods of drying, fluid bed dryers offer several advantages including an efficient conveyance of material and high thermal efficiency.


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