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Reactors for clean rooms 

Pharmaceutical equipment installed in clean rooms must meet specific requirements


The reactors for clean rooms are installed inside the pharmaceutical settlements and must meet specific requirements.

The sterile areas are classified according to the air quality by ISO 14644-1 (particulate air cleanliness classes for sterile areas and clean rooms) that dividing areas, as a function of particle contamination, into 9 classes.

Contamination control in these areas also involves pharmaceutical equipment housed in them which must conform to GMP, FDA and EEC.

The reactors for clean rooms must be designed to ensure maximum efficiency and the maximum reliability in the long time: failures infact would require extraordinary maintenance interventions and which might make contamination.

The reactors for clean rooms for this must be made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion and all the moving parts that provide a lubrication must be insulated to prevent leakage.

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