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Reactor for chemical and pharmaceutical plant 

Since 1949 the best in Italy for the design and production of plants for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry


The design and production of a chemical reactor is very complex and requires skills in various sectors, which Angelo Pilotta srl ​​has developed and perfected during its long presence in the sector.

When a chemical reactor must be introduced in a plant dedicated to chemical or pharmaceutical production, the identification of the appropriate device varies according to two factors:

  • how flexible the production is;
  • how much product must be obtained every day (scale of the operation)

The dimensions of the reactors that we build for the fine chemical industry and for the pharmaceutical sector are generally limited since it is necessary to produce limited daily quantities and therefore operate discontinuously.
For the petrochemical industry, on the other hand, most of the time we manufacture large continuous operation reactors.
The size of the reactor to be built depends on the daily production and on how much the reaction needs to be pushed.

What happens in a chemical reactor is well known to those in the sector: chemical reactions take place in these devices, i.e. processes during which the chemical nature of the species present changes (the starting substances in a reaction are called reactants; the compounds chemical products obtained are called reaction products (the identity of a chemical species is established by the number, configuration and type of the atomic species that compose it).

The simulation of the operation of a reactor for a chemical and pharmaceutical plant is based on the matermatic model of the physical laws that outline the distinctive phenomena of the process.
The choice on the convenience of operation of a reactor stems from an economic parameter (minimum cost and / or maximum profit), even if in other years other reasons are increasing: the ecological and environmental aspect, the safety of people and health.

Dimensioning a reactor for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry: for the dimensioning of a reactor it is necessary to define the equilibrium composition of the reagent mixture. The solution is reached through the methods of equilibrium thermodynamics.
Next we need to solve the problem of the speed at which the reaction evolves.

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