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Mixer for powders manufacturing 

The rotary mixers allow mix a large quantities of dust in a short time


The mixers for powders are used in a variety of food and pharmaceutical processes.

Their use allows to realize homogeneous mixtures of powdery raw materials to be used in subsequent processing or for mixing the intermediate products to prepare finished products.

The mixers for powders are made ​​of stainless steel and are equipped with a system for automated washing (CIP) to remove, at the end of each processing, any remaining dust.

The mechanical workshops Pilotta are focused on building of different types of mixers for powders different in shape (conical, biconical) and in capabilities.

Angelo Pilotta S.r.l. – Rotary mixers for pharmaceutical and food industries – Via Fratelli Cervi, 10 – Rho (Milan) – Italy – ph+3902/93909023

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