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Machinery for the production of chemical products for construction 

The synthesis of chemical compounds used in the construction industry requires specific plant and machinery


The construction chemicals represent a specific segment of the chemical industry and requires dedicated system solutions .

The product range is very wide , and for each type of product need to be conducted ad hoc equipment which take into account the temperatures , pressures and chemical-physical parameters of individual processes.

Mechanical workshops design, construct and install different types of machinery for the production of chemical products for construction usable for the production ofconcrete admixtures, sealants, fillers, adhesives, epoxies, paints, cement mortars.

All the machinery for the production of construction chemicals made ​​by machine shops Pilotta comply with the PED and ATEX standards and are provided with a turnkey basis .

Angelo Pilotta S.r.l. – Design and construction of plants for the production of adhesives, sealants and paints Construction – Rho (Milan) – Italy – tel. 02 / 93909023

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