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The european directives for pharmaceutical and chemical equipment 

The PED and ATEX regulations set out the requirements
for reactors and fermenters used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries


The manufacturing of chemical  and pharmaceutical reactors  should be aimed at obtaining products conform to the Pressure Equipment  device directive (PED) and to directive for explosion risk (ATEX).


In chemical industries the equipment are subject to stress due to high pressure and high temperature and the european standards have established specific requirements for equipment to protect:
-the safety of employees who work in contact with the machinery;
-public health;
-the environment.


The construction of chemical reactors and pharmaceutical products conform to the PED, ATEX directive requiring detailed examination of all aspects of the equipment: also design is carried out according to specific rules (VSR) in order to clearly identify.


The construction of chemical and pharmaceutical reactors conform to the PED and ATEX directive require technical skills, ability to work metals such as stainless steel AISI 304 and knowledge of industrial processes.


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