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The chemical reactors 

Chemical reactors must be reliable, efficient and safe.




The chemical reactors (also called fermenters) are devices that are used to contain controlled chemical reactions.

Chemical reactions within the reactor are continuously monitored and controlled if necessary, which makes them safe and efficient.

The chemical reactors are used in the production of chemicals such as components of pharmaceutical compounds, and can operate in different ways. In fact they are often embedded in complex plants such as the pharmaceutical industry.


The chemical reactors are generally in accordance with the requirements of the tanks and can vary in size quite considerably.

The small chemical reactors are intended to be used in pilot plants, while the large chemical reactors are used for the production on an industrial scale.

In planning, chemical reactors should include a range of features and tools that control critical parameters within the reactor vessel.
In chemical reactors the reaction components are added to the reactor to start a controlled reaction.
When the reaction is complete, the mixture inside the reactor is removed to be replaced by other materials to get another reaction.

The chemical reactors must be capable of operating in continuous reactions that take a long time and often have to increase productivity it is necessary for loading and unloading can be done in an automated way.

The design of chemical reactors partly by technical and production needs of the customer: the nature of the process being considered, the expected productivity, the available space and other variables.

The chemical reactors must not only be efficient in terms of production but must meet specific security measures since the processes that occur within them are often associated with high temperatures and pressures.


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