Technical consulting

For designers and technicians of maintenance and the experts of sales capital goods.

Pilotta s.r.l. since 1949 designs and manufactures equipment for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry products such as: concentrators, condensers, distillers, rotary dryers, vacuum vertical dryers , fermenters, idrogenator, pilot plants, washing machines, mixers, reactors, reboilers, heat exchangers and tube bandle.

A story of continual evolution toward the realization of production plant, today governed by computerized systems, both for the performance of services such as heat exchangers, dissolvers, both for the production process such as distillation installations, installations of liquid-liquid extraction and reaction units. Last but not least we offer all our experience in alternative energy applications.

Requesting a quotation, we will put at your disposal all our experience, gained in projects since 1949.

Pilotta s.r.l. offers also the opportunity to take advantage of our knowledge in the field of techniques for the industry chemistry. By subjecting our engineers a problem, we will offer our solution.

Some examples:

  • resolution and improvement in heat exchange;
  • behavior of heterogeneous mixtures to obtain a suspension;
  • filtration in isolation of fluids;
  • control of reaction conditions.

Any request sent will be considerate and we will give you preliminary indication and timing approximate of response.

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