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Updating pharmaceutical machinery to PED, ATEX 

Revamping pharmaceutical equipment according to PED and ATEX


The PED, ATEX and ISPESL rules are frequently changed and updated so some chemicals pharmaceutical e equipment may stop responding to this requirements.

In addition to replacement of the chemical and pharmaceutical equipment also exists the possibility of performing, where possible and after verification, the adjustment so that the machine meets the new specifications.

The adaptation of pharmaceutical machinery to PED, ATEX and ISPESL can be performed on tanks, reactors, fermenters, heat exchangers, distillation columns.

The service charge adjustment of these pharmaceutical machinery easily pays for itself becausa it saves the cost for the purchase of a new equipment (which also includes the cost of design).

Moreover, the time to restore the units to new pharmaceutical standards PED, ATEX and ISPESL averages lower than that of the realization of a new machinery this reduces the production stops.

Not all devices may be subject to updating according to regulations: it is necessary assessing the degree of wear and the feasibility.

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