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The role of pilot plants in research and development 

The pilot plant allows scientific research to test small-scale industrial processes



The pilot plants are fundamental to the modern chemical-pharmaceutical industry: they allow the creation of small-scale results of scientific research done in the laboratory, developing processes before applying on large quantities and volumes.

 In general, the productions with pilot plants start from a few kg to 500 kg quantities in the order of

 In the construction of pilot plants for chemical and pharmaceutical industry must be considered that, given the experimental nature of the process, these systems should allow a significant amount of transactions in order to include several variables in the process.

 The design of a pilot plant the idea that it must accommodate a large number of very different chemical reactions to make it less expensive and slow testing: it is unthinkable to have a system in economic terms for each type of reaction test, it is possible to group them only for homogeneous categories related technologies.


 The implementation of a pilot plant, however, must meet strict production standards and strict, like a normal system, to ensure that they are safe and compatible with GMP (if used in the pharmaceutical sector)

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