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The industrial chemical plants ingeneering 

The design of plant, machinery and equipment for chemical and pharmaceutical industry must meet certain requirements


The industrial chemical plants are at the heart of modern chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The synthesis processes are now numerous and multiple are requests for customization by customers.

For this reason, each manufacturer must make the industrial chemical plants more flexible so that the engineering solutions, equipment and machinery can be adapted to the production needs of each client.

The production of industrial chemical plants is vast due to their different applications and manufacturing processes but all plants must have some industrial chemicals essential requirements as a high coefficient of automation, operational flexibility, a structure that makes it easy to maintain and the ‘inspection and high production efficiency.

In today’s modern industrial chemical the energy consumption must be as content as possible in order to limit costs is to reduce the environmental impact of chemical and pharmaceutical industries, whose processes are considered to be very impactful.

Often the chemical industries in addition to strict environmental regulations, adhere to a voluntary certification schemes whose goal is basically to reduce the impact of industrial processes through the adoption of industrial chemical plants that reduce energy consumption.

The safety of industrial chemical plants is crucial: many chemical-pharmaceutical industry are at high risk and all equipment and machinery must be fully capable of withstanding pressures and temperatures for which they were designed.

The chemical industry should be tested for this long before their final installation.

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