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The general scheme of a chemical plant 

Various industrial processes often require similar equipment


Although the processes chemical / pharmaceutical differ from product to product, we can generally find some devices that are common to different systems and that they are almost always included in the production of plants for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


The chemical industry relies on chemical reactions and reactors, where the organic and inorganic synthesis occurs, are therefore of paramount importance in the design of chemical plants

Once completed the synthesis, largely chemical processes should be
separate the compounds obtained and the distillation columns are a great way of division of fractions contained in a mixture of several phases.

Posing distillation columns is very sensitive given its size

Once you separate the various phases of a mixture in liquid form, often Occor bring the various solid-state components and dusty here because the dryers are so popular among the machinery for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The powder obtained from different processes must then be mixed to create the mixture that makes up the finished product.
At this stage, common to almost all chemical and pharmaceutical plants, using the mixers (blenders)

The construction of chemical plants and chemical-pharmaceutical follows a sort of common technological framework to obtain various productions.











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