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The gas phase separation technology 

Purify the gas and steam with gas phase separators


The facilities for the separation in the gas phase allow the separation of gases or liquid particles from the steam and / or solids.
The applications of these devices are in the chemical, in the treatment of natural gas, and in the reduction of smoke in the decoking.

The gas-phase separators are devices that allow the elimination of fog liquid (water, oil) or solids from air, gas or steam.

The effectiveness of the separation in the gas phase is very high: it is possible particle separation in the order of a micron.

Downstream of the separation process in the gas phase allow to get dry gas, oil separators and without polluting.

The process inside the plants for the separation in the gas phase is based on two trends:
secondary current that carries collects and expels particles;
the primary current is generated at the bottom of the separator turbine that creates the suction to remove the particles.

The removed particles are concentrated at the bottom of the duct where they will be removed.

The principle of operation of facilities for the separation in the gas phase:
ensures a steady income throughout the processing cycle and for all ranges;
requires no moving parts or motors governed by
requires little maintenance and labor
allows for very low pressure drop

The gas-phase separators are ideal for example for powering the compressors.

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