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The characteristics of rotary powder mixers 

The construction of powder mixers must comply with strict regulations in the pharmaceutical and food industries


The powder mixers are devices widely used in the pharmaceutical and food industries.
However, the strict regulations governing these areas today, requiring precise features for the construction of powder mixers:
 -the materials used for construction must be of superior quality
 -must be amenable to validation
 -must reduce to zero the risk of contamination.
To meet these requirements, the powder mixers must be designed and constructed taking into account their potential use in sterile units.
The material capable of ensuring the effective sanitizing powder mixers of their surface is stainless steel, while the entire cleaning process is made ​​efficient and automated CIP (Cleaning in Place).
 The powder mixers are manufactured and designed on the basis of the production process and the specific demands of customers.
All operations of powder mixers must take place in total safety must be equipped with barriers (to exclude the presence of operators in the space of mixing powders during their rotation) and emergency stop.
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