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Sterilization in the Pharmaceutical and Food Industries 

The sterilization process requires flexible equipment


The autoclaves allow sterilization of products by subjecting them to high pressure steam at a temperature of 121 ° or higher and are used on a large scale in food and pharmaceutical industries.


Today the autoclaves for the pharmaceutical and food industries have management information systems, systems for monitoring and recording of sterilization (such as required by FDA) and are used to sterilize different types of products: the heat treatment is completely automated and requires operator intervention only for the loading and unloading.


Sterilization in the food not only makes the product more safe, but also allows to increase the shelf life of products by exposing the product to high temperatures only for the time necessary to ensure sterility, minimizing the damage nutrition.


Consequently, the sterilized food can be kept even at room temperature with damage organoleptic and nutritional tolerable


The autoclaves for the pharmaceutical and food industries are pressure equipment and must comply with the PED and ISPESL regulations.

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