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Stainless steel triblenders manufacturing 

In food and chemical industries the mixing of powders with liquids is managing by dedicated equipment


Pilotta SRL is an italian company focused on stainless triblenders manufacturing.

Triblenders are used to dissolving powder in liquid so as to achieve homogeneous mixtures that are thain initiated at different stages.

Triblenders manufacturing start by a careful study of the customer’s needs in terms of productivity and from the chemical-physical characteristics of the powders and fluids.

Stainless triblenders are employed in different production contexts: one of the main applications is the reconstruction of the powder milk derivatives in water that is realized in food industries.

All solid-liquid mixing equipment manufactured by Pilotta Srl is provided as tested and ocvered by warranty

Angelo Pilotta S.r.l. – powder in liquid dissolving equipment manufacturing for chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries- Rho (Milan) – Italy – ph+39 02/93909023

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