Mixer lt. 6000

Mixer lt. 6000 per shampoo type TANK IN TANK in AISI 316L heated with external halfpipe AISI 304 and hermetic coibentation

  • PED Certified
  • Design Pressure Shell side: ATM-0.8 bar
  • Design Temperature Shell side: -10/90 °C
  • Fluid Nature Shell side: SHAMPOO
  • Design Pressure Halfpipe side:: 5 bar
  • Design Temperature Halfpipe side: -10/160 °C
  • Fluid Nature Halfpipe side: WATER VAPOR – COLD WATER
big dwg sketch mixer litri 6000 product 6 6oOAs
big reattori mixer litri 6000foto2 product 6 TL9U4
big reattori mixer litri 6000 foto1 product 6 W1fsT

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