Plants – Liquid-Liquid Extraction

Pilotta builds plants extraction tailored to the specific needs of the customer.

A technology applied for: Serine Benzilate extraction from a Benzyl Alcohol solution using Toluene; caffeine extraction from residual water of the caffeine washing operation (vehicle of Extraction with Methylene Chloride recycled to closed circuit via in line distillation); caffeine extraction from waxes byproducts of the coffee toasted grains. Operating temperature to the molten waxes at 90 °C using hot brine in a adiabatic column.

A simple as effective pilot unit it’s available for semi-industrial tests.

Assistance is also supplied for the start-up of the laboratory tests.

Estrattore di Benzilserina

Extraction plant for Benzyl-serine

Estrattore pilota per prove di semiscala

Extraction Pilot plant for small-scale test

Estrattore caffeina esempio 1

Caffeine extractor – Example 1

Estrattore caffeina esempio 2

Caffeine extractor – Example 1

Particolare di una cella di estrazione

Particular of cell of extraction

Informazioni & Preventivi

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