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Machinery for chemical industry 

Pilotta ltd is a reliable partner for the realization of industrial chemical plants


Pilotta Ltd. provides a wide range of machinery for the chemical used in all the main production processes: it is therefore an ideal partner for pharmaceutical and chemical companies should invest in equipment designed for the treatment of chemicals on an industrial scale.


Pilotta Ltd. produces and develops various types of machinery for the chemical industry:






-static and stirred reactors;

-pressure tanks.


All equipment manufactured by chemical Pilotta Ltd. comply with regulations PED, ASME and ISPESL and are made with quality materials such as stainless steels, austenitic steels, duplex steels, carbon steels and alloys of nickel and copper.


Pilotta Angelo Srl – Plant and machinery for chemical industry – Via F.lli Cervi, 10 – Rho (Milan) – Italy – ph +39. 02/93909023.

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