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Laboratory reactors 

In R&D laboratories reactors are used to test new chemical and pharmaceutical production processes


In chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food laboratory reactors allow to test in small-scale reactions for all research and development needs.

Working on a small quantity is much easier, especially when you need to test multiple types of process by inserting from time to time various parameters.

The dimensions of the laboratory reactors are more contained respect to process reactors (which can be up to 10,000 liter capacity).

The equipment of the laboratory reactors must be complete, to reproduce the standard production conditions, although on a smaller scale and to do this must include:

The materials used for the construction of reactors for R & D laboratories are the same used for the equipment employed on an industrial scale: this allows to perform reliable tests even with aggressive reagents and at high pressures.

The laboratory tanks may be used in the chemical industry to test different types of reaction or in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry (in this case are used laboratory fermenters).

The Pilotta LTD design and manufacturing different types of reactors, specifically designed for laboratory needs and comply with PED and ATEX.

Our technical department is at the disposal of the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries with the aim of manufacturing reactors for customer’s needs.

The reactors can be supplied individually, or in combination with other equipment to constitute the pilot plant in order to perform small-scale tests of whole roduction process.

The company is a supplier of prestigious research institutions for several research projects especially for the study of the processes of polymerization.

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