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Heat exchangers for the pharmaceutical industry 

Heat exchange equipment must be hygienic and efficient in the pharmaceutical industry


The heat exchangers are widely distributed among many machines for the pharmaceutical industry.
The heat transfer is one of the essential operations in the pharmaceutical industry, processing of raw materials to finished product the presence of heat exchangers is essential.

Many systems for the pharmaceutical industry require it of suitable heat exchangers to complete its processes.
One of the essential requirements of heat exchangers, the design should allow to eliminate the risk of cross contamination.
The heat exchangers are designed for work in high hygiene conditions, such as investments in the pharmaceutical industry for the production of purified water and equipment used for heating and cooling of pharmaceuticals.

The design and construction of heat exchangers for the pharmaceutical industry should therefore follow very precise rules: the tubes that constitute them must be free solder, the discharge of the product should be easily and quickly, the number of dead spots within the pipes must be contained, must be made of quality materials.

In addition, the heat exchangers must meet the requirements of FDA and GMP standards.

Heat exchangers is also required for high efficiency in order to reduce the cost of pharmaceutical processes.
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