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Plant and Equipment Design and Construction for
the Chemical Pharmaceutical and Food Industry
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Rental: Extraction Unit
Rental: Extraction Units of liquid-liquid for evidence in reduced scale.
With the intention to meet the needs of customers in the application of special technologies for production processes, Angelo Pilotta Srl indicates the availability of a unit of liquid-liquid extraction for tests in reduced scale.
The unit is characterized by a column in chemical glass 100 mm in diameter and by a set of extraction cells 20, each with its own turbine to ensure the degree of mixing more suitable.
They frame separators head and bottom of the column made of Hastelloy for maximum flexibility of use and ends with total visibility.
The circulation of the fluids, planned for a total flow that can go from 50 to 200 l / h, as a function of the physical characteristics of the substances, realized by peristaltic pumps with sleeve EPDM, therefore with high resistance to most fluids. Manual adjustment with handwheel.
The complete system also features a weir to control interphase and a lower electrical panel to ATEX standards as the rest of the unit. It also contained an inverter for adjusting the speed rotation of the agitator.
Angelo Pilotta srl it provides for clarification on the conditions of rental and for any assistance in setting employment even by an engineer specializing in technology.