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Equipment for the disposal of industrial waste 

Machinery and plant for the disposal of waste products of industrial processes


Chemical industries produce a considerable amount of slag for their industrial processes.

These waste products must be collected, transported, stored and disposed of in a manner as to avoid all their dispersal in the environment through the use of plant and equipment dedicated specifically for the disposal of industrial waste. 

The industrial sludge are in fact highly polluting because they contain heavy metals in high concentration.

Pilotta SRL design and install various types of  equipment for the disposal of industrial waste for environmental companies focused on the management of hazardous waste and in remediation of industrial areas and land.

Angelo Pilotta S.r.l. –  plants and machineries for the treatment of industrial waste – Via F.lli Cervi , 10 – Rho (Milan ) – Italy – ph+3902/ 93909023

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