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Equipment for processing carcinogens and mutagens substances 

All substances classified with R 49, R 45, R 46, R 68 require specific equipment and machinery


Some types of chemicals are considered at risk carcinogenicity and mutagenicity and therefore require some technical details.

Substances classified as carcinogenic and/or mutagenic should be synthesized, processed and stored in a closed loop automated to avoid any danger.

Particular attention should be given to substances with the following codes: R 49 (May cause cancer by inhalation) R45 (may cause cancer) R46 (Can cause heritable genetic damage) R 68 (possible risk of irreversible effects)

This type of substance is present mainly in the petrochemical industry (refineries, coke production), in the steel industry (foundries, welding, plating and coating of metals) and in the rubber industry.

In these industrial is the highest risk of exposure to hexavalent chromium, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

The regulations require that during the process of production, the transport and the use of these substances is necessary to limit the risk of accidental spillage or leakage of vapors even during the interventions of maintenance.

Chemical equiment for processing carcinogenic and mutagenic substances must also be labeled in a readable and understandable

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