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Design and construction of production lines for antibiotics 

The fermentation of antibiotics requires machinery specifically designed for the growth of microorganisms



Antibiotics are derived from microorganisms and are produced on an industrial scale by a process of fermentation: currently, antibiotics represent a multibillion-dollar industry which continues to grow each year.


The industrial biotechnology provides a fermentation process that starts with the isolation of a microorganism, continues with a controlled growth aimed at maximizing the final product and ends with the refining and isolation of the final product.


The production line type designed for the production of antibiotics includes:


-primary tanks  in steel where the initial phase of growth;

-secondary tanks where growth takes place (fermenters)

-a system for the isolation and purification of the broth (as for example the extractors with solvent)


It is important that the machinery and plants for the production of antibiotics:


-are able to maintain suitable conditions of sterility because contamination by unwanted microbes damages the fermentation due to the production of unwanted substances;

-are able to monitor all critical process with appropriate sensors;

-are able to maintain all the conditions optimal for growth (temperature, agitation)

-are able to provide, with suitable dispensers substances useful for fermentation (water, acids, ammonia and other nitrogen sources).

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