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CIP plants 

The CIP plants enable to wash rapidly and effectively the equipment



The CIP (cleaning in place) systems are designed for cleaning equipment, including automatic process that does not require disassembly of the equipment.

For this reason, the CIP equipment are installed on the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

The advantages of using equipment and process lines with the CIP are numerous:

saving cleaning solutions (which are recycled);
less water consumption;
cleaning efficiency than manual process;
flexibility (you can select parts of the plant to be cleaned);
reduction of cleaning time.

Cleaning of equipment in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries is crucial: without proper cleaning, you run the risk of creating products that are already polluted or non-existence of the basic criteria of purity.

The CIP allows industries operating in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and dairy to meet the stringent hygiene standards.

With the CIP is also increased safety for the operators: they should never come into contact with either hot water or chemical cleaners.

The allocation of equipment with the CIP is the prerogative essential for companies wishing to bring their own equipment validation protocols to FDA / GMP.

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