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Chemical reactors – Pharmaceutical reactors 

Pilotta srl is an italian chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing


Pilotta srl, an italian company specialized in the manufacturing of chemical and pharmaceutical process equipment, realize reactors of different types:

Chemical Reactors characterized by resistance to high pressures/temperatures and designed for the needs of the petrochemical industry and for oil & gas uses
Pharmaceutical reactors equipped with devices to perform cleaning at the end of the cycle (CIP)

Chemical and pharmaceutical reactor sharing much of the components but obviously the final products are different because they host different fluids and reactions.

Chemical reactors use oil, gasoline , solvents , and other inorganic compounds, pharmaceutical reactors also works with organic compounds.

The design of both types of reactors part of a careful analysis of the needs of the process and the result is a product to suit the client .

Officine Meccaniche Pilotta – tank construction chemicals and pharmaceutical turnkey – Rho (Milan) – Italy – ph+390293909023

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