Reactors for clean rooms

2021-06-22T11:12:02+02:0019/09/2016|News en|

Reactors for clean rooms  Pharmaceutical equipment installed in clean rooms must meet specific requirements   The reactors for clean rooms are installed inside the pharmaceutical [...]

Casting tank

2021-06-22T11:12:03+02:0028/10/2015|News en|

Casting tank  Casting procedure requires the use of specific equipment   The casting tanks are used in various chemical processes. One of the most typical [...]

Concentrators manufacturing

2021-06-22T11:12:03+02:0028/09/2015|News en|

Concentrators manufacturing  Concentrators comply with PED/ATEX   The concentration is a industrial process frequently used in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries and is applied to [...]

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