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Building tanks for storage of the mother liquors and water solvated 

The industrial waste must be stored in specially designed tanks


The mother liquors represent
the waste product of the industrial processes which involve a process
of centrifugal separation or a crystallization.

The technical
solutions for Mother liquors tanks are able to offer secure storage
are several including:

-the presence of support legs welded to the
shell made ​​of stainless steel AISI 304
-the use of stainless
steel bolts
-pickling of external stainless steel components
Halar Solvay inner lining

These technical confer to the tanks
for mother liquors excellent corrosion resistance and compliance wiht PED

Angelo Pilotta S.r.l. – manufacturing tank for the
collection and treatment of the mother liquors – Via F.lli Cervi, 10
– Rho (Milan) – Italy – ph+39 02/93909023

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